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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Ethan McCord saw when he rescued the children...

Incident in New Baghdad is a short, award-winning documentary about the Apache helicopter strike shown in the Collateral Murder video allegedly leaked by Bradley. Ethan McCord, the soldier who rescued the wounded children from the van, spoke at the film premier in April. He describes his experience in-detail and works to contextualize the attack. If you have not read one of Ethan McCord’s interviews yet, you should absolutely check out the video:

From the video:

That was one incident of many that you guys got to see. Things like this happen almost on a daily basis in Iraq. It may not have been an Apache… it may have been a Bradley (type of fighting vehicle). I saw a Bradley fire on a van load of children, nothing more than children, and watched the Iraqi police pull bodies out. Pieces of children. And the whole time they were just looking at us and shaking their heads. Again, that was one incident. And you guys can see from that one incident that we shouldn’t be there.

Original at Bradley Manning Support Network (

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