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Monday, January 24, 2011

Two videos detail two different ways police across USA are ignoring rape.

It appears that Baltimore police have decided that they are capable of determining when rape victims are lying about rape. I read elsewhere that they claimed that they receive a high number of false rape cases. Apparently, it is their biases against the victims, not any special skills, that lead them to the presumption that they make about the victims being liars: Rape cases dismissed by Baltimore police later found valid.

The decrease in rape since the 90s may be a result of police failing to write reports. According to the first video below, Baltimore's rape rate allegedly dropped 80% since 1992. It has been discovered now that Baltimore police fail to file reports for at least 60% of reported rape cases. This article, describes how Baltimore's drop in rape rates coincides with the amazing number (four times the national average) of 'unfounded' rape cases Baltimore police claim they receive. A hotline, set up for victims, immediately received numerous calls from victims whose cases were ignored by police. An post in late 2010 reveals: Half of rape reports thought false reinstated.

Below: "Rape victims tell Congress that police have been ignoring case after case."

Below: Half a Million Rape Kits Not Tested - Victims speak out against unprocessed rape kits throughout the country.

Follow up: The two videos below demonstrate that the phenomenon of police bullying/invalidating of rape victims is not just limited to U.S. police forces, but seems to be an inherent part of police culture. In these examples are interviews of victims from Ottawa, Canada.

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