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-Arundhati Roy

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Say Yes to Peace

The only way to stop war... to stop participating in it.

It's only when the soldier refuses that war will cease, when those at the bottom say--"no more soldiers." War is in the interest of those at the top. The culture will continue to indoctrinate with messages proclaiming soldiers as honorable protectors of freedom. And other messages that appeal to the desire for danger and excitement. The culture will continue to glamorize and mythify being a warrior.

Being a soldier means only one thing--you will be engaged in the justified murder of other people. By doing this you will make the world a far less safe place as your enemies grow because of your own manipulated and corrupted conclusions.

I urge people to go to their local libraries and other public places where military recruitment literature can be found and remove and dispose of it.

Discuss high school military recruitment with your children. Saying yes to military induction is saying yes to war. Information can be found via We Are Not Your Soldiers.

It is up to each individual soldier to lay down arms. It is up to the rest of us to work toward making no new soldiers.

Support the troops...when they refuse to fight: Courage to Resist

If you say you want a peaceful world, then it's got to start with your actions. Create that peaceful world.

Say yes to peace.


  1. The Courage-to-Resistors are Brave Times Two. I think I need to spend a lot more time learning "at the feet" of these men and women who have voluntarily joined the military, become disillusioned, yet haven't given up fighting for the right.

  2. ...and one year later, I still feel the same way.