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envision : nap : whisper : laugh : caress : sing : love : consider : hug : create : wonder
but above all

Traveling Hopefully

"Not only is another world possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."

-Arundhati Roy

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Why is my blog so beige? I need some color. Olly! Taby! Help! You're both so colorful. Here's a song for us. It commemorates what fun we had being small again.

"I thought was like being 8 years old again. We made a tent and took our flashlights in and giggled..." --Cat

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  1. Thankfully you, your mind and the values and principles you set out for yourself within your life, will never be could they possibly be?

    I am thrown back to being 8 around you and Tabs, no ill place to sit at all. But finding a woman like you talented with an open understanding of the world you look at coupled, by such strong views, is rare! Damn, it shouldn’t be but alas it is, but through all that improbability I found you anyway. YaaaY!

    Pacifist, Anarchist, a Libertarian Socialist, truly beautiful words to a Mark-Leninist as myself (not absolute, as I say often, my beliefs are fluid, which is not to be mistaken with uncommitted or wishy washey, merely open to debate challenge and learning)

    Being around you and your views makes me comfortable, safe and bellow out a craving, unyielding desire to have more. Can’t wait to embrace more of your insights……I’ve put the tent up….(giggles) I think we should start the fire now…..hmm?